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The House of Expats - Rental agents in The Hague

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Professional real estate agents - specialized in expat housing

The House of Expats is a team of highly skilled realtors who are specialized in finding suitable housing for expats in The Hague. Are you searching for an accommodation (as an expat) because you would like to move to The Hague? At The House of Expats you are at the right address. We help you to find a suitable rental house in The Hague and surroundings. The House of Expats knows their way around The Hague and within the housing market. The Hague has something for everyone, including you.

Our team consists of three brokers, two management employees and our two directors. We have the knowledge and experience to be able to serve our customers in all facets of the market. We surely hope to be able to meet you personally and provide tailor-made advice for the best results. 

The House of Expats is thé rental agent in The Hague and the surrounding places. This "Home Search" service was created as a result of the many requests we received from our customers in the past year. Our customers are mainly expats, international companies and embassies. We also work closely with relocation agencies, brokers and other companies active in the Expat and Global Mobility industry. Our team helps you with everything from housing til financial aspects and registering at the municipality. We can even advise you on the best schools for your children or help you locate the nearest means of transportation to your new job. 

Do you want to save yourself a bad start? Then choose our housing mediation and guidance of expats in The Hague area. This includes all the services necessary to quickly provide your employee with an own, pleasant living space. Without you having to work on it full-time. Take a look at our current listings. For more information you can always contact us.

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