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Questions and answers
Most asked questions about renting

If you have found a property of your liking with us, we can complete the administrative procedure within 24 hours after receiving the correct documentation from you. If you want to use our search services for renting a home, you can inform us of your housing wishes and requirements online in advance, after which we can give an indication of time. Our search services are started from 1000 euros monthly rent.

Officially, there is a reasonable term assigned for the refund of a deposit. It is often returned to you within two months. It also depends on the landlord whether a calculation of supplies and services must be made, such as gas, water and electricity, which are included as an advance in the lease.

We make sure that everything is well documented for all parties through an initial inspection with photos. We are also present at the final inspection to represent you as a customer. This can be for the tenant and for the lessor.

In short, this means that the property is available in the pubic sector and that most articles of the Rental Prices Act do not apply. By using the point system, one can determine whether the house is liberalized. The house must score a minimum number of points. If the property does not meet this requirement, you can object the rental price and possibly request a rent reduction.

None, We will assess whether we can further assist you as a customer in renting a home. You will receive a proposal with our terms and conditions and which services we provide for you.

If you accept our services for the leasing process, we usually request a fee that is equal to 1 month's rent excluding VAT. This is if you have given and signed an explicit assignment and the property is not in our rental file.

The legal notice period for you as a tenant is 1 calendar month. Provided you also pay the rent monthly. For example, in some cases the rent is paid in advance every 2 months. In such a case, your cancellation period is 2 calendar months. This is possible for up to 3 months.

For more information about this we refer you to the link below question-and- answer/when-mag-mijn-verhuurder-het-rentcontract- cancel

However, this depends on the type of rental agreement, always be well informed by one of our brokers.

Yes that is allowed. But there are rules attached to it. The landlord may only increase the rent once a year. The amount of the rent increase depends on what is included in the lease. Often there is an indexing clause. The rent increase is calculated on the basic rent.

An energy label indicates how durable the house is. There are 7 different ratings for this, where A (++) is very energy efficient and G is very inefficient. Attention is paid to characteristics such as double glazing, boiler type, wall / facade and floor insulation. When renting or purchasing a home, the current owner is required to provide you with an energy label for the house.

The broker then works on your behalf and makes sure your needs are met. The advantage of this is that there is often a better negotiating position and that you are sure that everything is handled properly. In addition, you are sure that the rented property complies with all rules (no illegal sublease, etc.) and that you will soon sign a validated lease contract. You can also assume that you will get your deposit back at the end of the rental period.

Basic home: no floor covering (laminate, carpet, etc.) and / or curtains and no furniture.

Upholstered home: minimal floor covering (laminate, carpet, etc.), possibly with curtains.

Furnished home: fully furnished and with furniture. The house is ready to move into, so everything is in the house, including the kitchen utensils.

Renters pay the following taxes as standard:

· Sewer right
· Waste charges
· Pollution tax and residents' assessment

The rates differ per municipality and province. Check with the municipality or province for the applicable rates and scale.


Which payments do I have to make if I am going to rent a house?

When renting a home you must make a number of payments after the landlord has agreed with you as a tenant and before signing the lease:


· On the 1st of the calendar month you pay the entire calendar month,
· You pay the total number of days in the current month between the 1st and 14th of the month
· From the 15th or later you pay the days of the current month and the following month.

Deposit: this is specified in advance, but is usually one month's rent


The rental agreement is effective immediately after signing. If you want to terminate the lease, you will have to do this via the regular channels. This means that you must cancel this with the landlord and / or manager.

A rental agreement can be drawn up for a minimum or maximum period. Both of these can never be included in the lease because they are conflicting terms. It is therefore important that you know for what period you rent or let the property and that this is clearly stated in the lease. With a minimum period you must stay in the house for the agreed period, and with a maximum period you have the right to cancel per payment period.

This differs per address and is included in your rental agreement.

Rent increase can be implemented for the first time on the first of July of the current year. This is often deviated from, so that the first rent increase only comes after one year. This is stated in the rental agreement.

Subletting is only possible if the landlord and / or manager gives permission.

There is usually a minimum period of time that you have to live in the house, for example at least 12 months. You cannot terminate the lease within these 12 months. After the minimum period, the cancellation period is the same as the payment period, which is usually one month.

The landlord can cancel if this is indicated in advance in the lease. This is only possible on the agreed date.

This differs per property, but usually pets are not allowed. If you have pets, it is advisable to state this in advance.

No this is not allowed. Staircases, overflows for general use are a safety passage and must be kept empty. If you place objects here, you risk the chance of the landlord or manager removing it.

To be eligible for a home you must have at least 3 times the total rent as gross income. So for example a rent of 1000 euros requires a gross income of at least 3000 euros. Of course there are exceptions, these are subject to the requirements of the landlord.

With some properties it is possible to rent with a guarantor. Bear in mind that the guarantor must be a resident in the Netherlands and must be able to prove that he must be able to bear his own monthly expenses as well as the rent.

A diplomatic clause means that if the employer places you beyond a radius of usually 50 kilometers, the work will allow the tenant to terminate his lease in the meantime.